Tournament Miniatures

Greendog Figurines produce miniaturas por encargo para torneos nacionales e internacionales.

Contacta con nosotros para consultar precios, ya que podemos proporcionar desde miniaturas completas hasta extras como tokens, balones, etc. con presupuesto ajustado a las posibilidades de tu evento.

Hemos trabajado para torneos como BarnaBowl, Dream Teams Cup, Molins de Bowl y SkullCup.

GreenDog Figurines could also provide you a miniature by order. 100% original sculpt to be casted for your event.

Just contact and ask for the prices and possibilities. We already produced from complete miniatures to tokens, balls, etc. providing you what your tournament or event could afford.

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  1. Hello, I don’t know if sponsoring events is something that you do but i guess there is no harm in asking. I am running what will hopefully be a large Blood Bowl event in Birmingham on the 6th&7th of May this year called Long Ball Brawl and I would love to be able to give some of your wonderful products as prizes for the event. There is a lot of new possible customers about since the rerelease of Blood Bowl and I’m sure they would love to see what you’re all about. Also if its important we are also NAF approved.
    Hope you can help,
    Harry Allen